About Us

I have always had a dream about having my own leotard company.  Tx2Designs is that dream come true.
I started by sewing my own leotard for a Christmas display when I was 14 and have loved leotards ever since. After that one leotard I decided to start designing. And now I´m here with my own company. 

My passion for gymnastics started at the age of 5 in Kristiansand, Norway where I grew up. I have been doing Team gymnastics for a lot of years and I am now coaching artistic gymnastics in Canada. I started my career as a coach when I was 13 and have coached both Team gymnastics and Artistic gymnastics. Both competitive and recreational. 

From being in the world of gymnastics I have experienced how much gymnasts love their outfits, both leotards for training and competition. So now I want to be a part of your gymnastics day.