Washing Instructions

Our fabrics are delicate and have to be washed with care. 

We have fabrics that needs more special care than others.
Printed hologram mystique and Mesh. 
-Repeated wear and washing may cause the fabrics to fade or loose foil.

-Please cover garment before applying any alcoholic aerosol products, such as hairspray. Perfumes and body lotions can also effect fragile fabrics.

-Deodorants and perspirant may cause these fabrics to colorblend, fade or lose foil, especially when two colors meet under arms. 

-Mesh could potentially be damaged due to the riggers of certain routines, where person to person contact can add stress to the fabric. You can order this fabric, but do so with discretion because Tx2 will not guarantee the life span of this fabric. If you choose to use mesh in a design it is at your own risk.

-Color transference or color bleed occurs when a white or light fabric is combined with a bright or dark color fabric. This is a common industry problem and can become obvious under certain conditions, especially when a light color garment is worn under a dark color warm-up or short and/or when damp garments are left in gym bags. You are free to order any color combination, but please do so with great discretion. If you choose to combine light and dark colors, Tx2Designs will not be responsible for replacing your garment(s) if color bleed occurs.

Important Washing Instructions for all fabrics: 
They must be washed separately and turned inside out. Use mild liquid detergent, gently wash in cold water and rinse immediately. 
Do not tumble dry, only air dry.
Do not use fabric softeners. This can cause the fabric to discolour and the embellishments to fall off. 
Do not dry clean. This can damage the fabric as they use harsh chemicals.
Do not iron, the heat from the iron can melt and/or discolor the delicat fabric. This can cause the embellishments to fall off.

Tx2Designs will not guarantee any garment that is not washed and dried as directed. If you choose to combine sensitive fabrics and colors, it is at your own risk. Tx2 may refuse returns in these situations.